Sunday, October 19, 2008

Always Catching Up :)

So I'm sorry that I left you all hanging for more pictures and info on what has been going on here. We were split up and sent out to Hmong Villages up until today!(Hmong is pronounced Mong) and I wasn't able to explain what was about to happen before we left. So let me catch you all up to date and then I'll post some more pictures. So the two groups were all sent out about two weeks ago to two separate mountainous Hmong villages to share with the churches all the knowledge we learned during our intense Medical Mission Training...feww thats a lot of 2's LOL! Let me give you a little run down of the schedule of a typical day. 5am- Group worship, 5:45am- exercise or kitchen duty, 7am- breakfast, 9am- Leave to visit other villages, 1pm- lunch at village, 3pm- continue to visit and give health treatments (massage, hydro-therapy, etc...), 5pm- Go back to Main Village, 7pm- Eat supper (usually fruit or rice- something light), 8pm- Evening meeting (we usually shared a part of the 8 laws of health and then a Bible study) , 9pm- get ready for bed, 10pm- lights out, 7 hours later- Do it all over again! Needless to say we had quite the packed day :) We are now back at our original Home Base and are recuperating before we are sent out again but this time to farther villages and in three smaller groups. We'll probably be leaving in about 2 or 3 days so please to continue to pray for our health and mental well-being :) Until then I'll try my best to post pictures and video of the past month. I miss you guys and love to read the comments you all post, so keep them coming. I feel more connected to you guys when I hear from you :) Oh yeah the second week out the other group met up with us at the village I was staying at, so that was a blessing :)


Heather said...

whatcha thinking about? :)

Maria said...

Wish there was snow?

Peggy said...

Hi Brian, how are you doing? We are always praying for you and your friends there and you guys are making such a difference for the Lord. :) I am happy that at least you have mangosteen to eat if all else fails. :) we all miss you and God bless you always!! weather here are getting colder but we are all doing good here. talk to you soon ~Peggy :)