Monday, October 27, 2008

A Day Visiting

On our daily visits to the villages we saw many people who needed help. Most needed a change in diet others in lifestyle and still others needed to hear about Jesus.

Here is a shot of Nola (Missionary from Australia) befriending a little Hmong girl who seemed to be cared for by a lot of the villagers. That was real neat to see.

The following is a video clip of a senile woman who lost the use of her limbs because of muscle atrophy. She still, however, has the use of her vocal chords and seems to moan as a way of communication. We prayed for her and gave her son (who takes care of her) some different ways to bring his mom back to health. It's so hard for me to see this and try and give these people hope. I know it sounds very cliché to say this but really, the only hope I know we can truly give them is the hope that we have in Jesus! :)

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