Sunday, September 28, 2008

Trip from the Airport

So we had to fit 11 people and their bags in the back of that truck and to top it off it was an hour drive back to where we were(are) staying!

Did you know that these Buddhist Monks are not allowed to be touched by women or else they will have to start over again. They also go into the city and eat only by being offered food and if they have not eaten by noon they cannot eat until the next day!


Caitlin said...

Wow! Neat pictures :)
I'm glad I'm not a monk - or a monktress? ;) or what ever that might be! Fascinating people though, I would love to get to know them!

Tracy said...

B, now we are really far away!!! please take a lot of good pictures, of people,kids, inside houses, food, supermarkets, EVERYTHING!!! so i will show here to my mom, thats a really cool trip you are making, Have tons of fun!!!


Heather said...

Hi Honey,
I'm sure things can get a little discouraging at times but just remember who you're really there for. Sacrifice your comfort for Him :) You're time will go by really quick so enjoy every moment. I love you. <3