Monday, October 27, 2008

Out in the Villages

Our first time away from home base for more than a couple of days was to the little nearby mountain village of Buakjan. Home to about two-hundred residents, Buakjan has a small community of about 30 Seventh-day Adventists and a nice little church.

The other group went to Panakuk but by the second week that we were out that group came and joined my group. We were all very thankful for that, things are just more fun with a larger group. And with this larger group were we able to go out in more groups to visit the sick and good news deprived :) On our visits we administered natural remedy treatments and shared with the villagers about God and all the advice He's given to us. It was so awesome to just go up to people's homes and ask if we could spend some time talking and sharing with them. If we tried to do this in the states I'm pretty sure it would be days before we'd find someone who would let us in, let alone have time for us. I must say that even though these people live in very primitive conditions, they picked a good spot to live as far as AMAZING views go! :)

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