Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Around the Mission Training Center

Or as Phoebe calls it (The Ranch...but you have to say this in a very Montana accent LOL!) Here's a picture of Rob Dykes strumming some tunes while we get ready to eat.
Kelly McClug (a fellow NY'orker) is showing us how a person would receive a Russian Steam Bath and Melissa Miranda (our Mission Leader) is explaining how to give one.
Here's Sia Chi (probably not spelled right but sounds like it) keeping the grounds nice and trimmed. He's one of the Thai workers here at the MTC (Mission Training Center for those of you who already forgot :) and can speak a little English.

Here's Ying and Pastor Phamor giving a lecture for some class I'm sure which one. Pastor Phamor was teaching us in English and Ying was translating to Thai. Ying is going to be my groups translator when we go out to the villages again. This is a good thing because she speaks English well and makes great Thia food! Pastor Phamor is an awesome guy. He's done so much for us and has so much life in him. I think he's in his 60's but has the energy of a 30 year old LOL! He lets us come to his house (a 15min walk) to use the internet and just chill. He's very on fire for the Lord!

Here's a shot of the Boys Dorm- the place were I dream at night :)

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