Saturday, September 20, 2008

Flight to Thailand

My flight was so long and adventurous! Let me start from the beginning. I started off at the Rochester Airport in NY but as the plane was beginning to take off down the runway a flock of gulls decided to get a closer look at the pilots! LOL They smacked right into the windshield! They pilots being cautious decided to go back to the terminal and have the engine checked out. If the mechanic found a dead bird then we would have been delayed a long time but thankfully, for us and the birds, no dead birdies were found :) This small delay however did cause me to arrive late to my flight in Dulles, Washington DC and I just barely made it on the plane. They actually had to reopen the door for me :) I'm so special, at least thats what my mom says LOL! So the bad part was that because I was late my luggage didn't make it on the plane with me :( It was ok though, I didn't need that stuff yet anyway. The next leg of my trip was the longest- from Wash. DC to Tokyo, Japan took around 13 hours! And the whole time it was sunny out so it felt like one extremely long day! I did sleep a little, read a little, and watched some movies several times over LOL! When I got to Japan I met up with Emily Yoder and Alison, other Student Missionaries, and we traveled the rest of the way together. From Japan we flew to Bangkok, Thailand where we spent the night at a really nice hotel (don't worry I stayed in a separate room than the girls). The only drawback was that I didn't know they had AC so that night I got accustomed to the weather change. In Bangkok and most of Thailand, if not all, dogs rule the streets! There are so many dogs that I thought we would for sure run a couple over! I guess they maneuver well around cars LOL! The next morning we ate a pretty simple American continental breakfast and then headed back to the airport. This was the last leg of our trip- from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is so different from Bangkok. Its more jungle and Mountainous than big city. Well I'm here now safe and sound and am staying at the Adventist Mission Training center about an hour away from the city of Chiang Mai. Thank you all for your prayers and support! I love you all and will post again as soon as I can. God Bless


phoebs said...

Hey Brian! Glad you made it safely to join us all here in Thailand! This year is going to be awesome, I'm sure we'll learn much and get to see much! God bless! Sorry I couldn't help you get all those lists on your blog, lol. It has been too long (a few months). :D

Jackie said...

Hooray! Brian the missionary :) I miss you a lot. But, I'm so glad you're there having some crazy awesome adventures.

Blogger of Champions said...

Good to know you're alive man. I'm still not sure that half of the world is ready for you, jk. I hope your trip continues to be good. PS. don't get lost in the jungle.

Peter, Mortis not Griffin