Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pictures, pictures, pictures

You remember how 2 posts ago I talked about that trek through the jungle we went on? Well, here are some pictures from it.....finally :) This is just one of the many bridges that we crossed on our journey deep into the jungle :) The bridges also got narrower as we went along.....NOT COOL! LOL!

Ricky spotted this slithering creature just as we finished crossing a stream. Good thing I didn't grab onto it for balance over the uneven trail.

Guess what we did next? Yep, we sure did! But boy were our bottoms sore after.


This picture is not from our trek but we did get to go to a falls similar to this one on the first day in. I just like this picture so I had to post it :)


Doctor C said...

Bri, we always knew you would venture out to see the world! Even Grandpa calls you "El Caballero Andante" a name that fits you so well! But... Oh, please, watch out for snakes!

Take care!

Love, Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

word homefry!! looks like you are doing good! miss you much. how can i be praying?