Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm InDonesia ;)

Yes I know, the title's quite lame but I'm in a corny mood right now so I thought it would only be appropriate :) So if you didn't get it, I'm in Indonesia right now and I have been for a few weeks now. Ricky and I came over here to go to a friends wedding and work on some video stuff at the Adventist TV station here. The only problem was/is that the station is not even built yet- construction won't begin for about another month. So we've been working on projects where ever we are. We've also been tourists (strange feeling) and gone to several tourist hot spots around here. We went to an animal safari park (so awesome! go to drive next to lions and tigers with only the car as a barrier), a volcano, hot springs and a few other places. We really wanted to go to Bali but this unfortunately was not possible :( Its ok though, I've been having a good time here. OH, by the way.....MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! I hope you all had a wonderful one and will continue to enjoy the rest of this Holiday Season. Lets not forget the real reason for the season, though :) Thank you Lord for all the blessings You've given to us and for all our trials. Thank you so sending Your Son, we Love You. Amen


ldintino said...

I love the title, and is so something that you would say! So where exactly is Donesia? Somewhere by Eastconsin im sure. ;)

gunawanbornoksitumeang said...

wah, kapan datang lagi ke Bandung (UNAI Campus).....
i hope you know my bahasa...hahaha

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