Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Connection to the World Wide Web!!!!! Yay! So today Ricky, Phoebe, Emily, Ying, Mew, Mem, Bee, and I all traveled to Maseriang today to get some needed supplies, to see Mew, Mem, and Bee off, and for Ricky and I to get our first extension on our Visas. I was pretty happy for this little break from our stay in the village. I guess I just like to keep moving, but it all depends on where I am. So our time in the village has been, for the lack of a better word, fun :) So not only do we have to learn Thai while we're here but when we go to these mountain villages we have to learn even more languages like- Hmong and Koren. Right now we are in a Koren Village and so far all I know how to say is Tablu Pa Do (Thank You) but these people are so nice that they try to understand what we gesture to them :) I actually find it quite fun to "play charades" to get across what we're trying to say.
I just want to say that you guys should also take the time to read some of my other friends blogs (if you haven't already been doing so). Even though I'm here working right next to them or at least in the same country, I still find out more things when I read their blogs and have really gotten a blessing from them.
Well I think I'll end with that for now but I just wanted to let you all know that we're still alive and that God's really blessing us here.


Linda said...

See all those nights spent playing guesstures finally paid off, your an expert at non-verbal communication! : ) Lin

Milimo said...

MAN I LOVE YOUR BEARD!!!! ....and you too man!! hope all is well!!

Rachel said...

wow! sounds like life is staying intersting for you!good luck learning thai, karen etc! (haha, the word for bathroom in karen is hongnam, I think!) praying for you guys and for the Thai ppl!
-ms. roddy

Judy said...

I've really enjoyed the great pictures you've been posting! God Bless! Kelly's Mom